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About CAcert data base info and privacy
 The information of the form fields marked with a star will be present in the CAcert data base.
The other information taken from the form fields will only be present on the form as obtained by the CAcert Assurer and kept for 7 years.
   The information of the form fields marked with a star will be present in the CAcert data base.

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CAcert Assurance Programme
Identity Verification Form (CAP) form
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The CAcert Assurance Programme (CAP) aims to verify the identities of Internet users through face to face witnessing of government-issued photo identity documents. The Applicant asks the Assurer to verify to the CAcert Community that the Assurer has met and verified the Applicant's identity against original documents. Assurer may leave a copy of the details with the Applicant, and may complete and sign her final form after the meeting. If there are any doubts or concerns about the Applicant's identity, do not allocate points. You are encouraged to perform a mutual Assurance.

For more information about the CAcert Assurance Programme, including detailed guides for CAcert Assurers, please visit: http://www.cacert.org

A CAcert Arbitrator can require the Assurer to deliver the completed form in the event of a dispute. After 7 years this form should be securely disposed of to prevent identity misuse, e.g. shred or burn the form. The Assurer does not retain copies of ID at all.

For the CAcert Organisation Assurance Programme there is a separate special COAP form.

Location (and event name) of the face-to-face meeting

Applicant's Identity Information points
allocated ? 
About assurance points
Assurance Points will be allocated by the Assurer.
The amount of points is decided by the Assurer and is limited to a maximum of points the assurer is allowed to allocate.
The maximum of allocated points is related to the experience of the assurer.
On full names
The exact full name may have transliterated characters and/or some given names may be abbreviated.
CAcert should have the name in its database which has the most discrimination factor.
The decision if translitatered and/or abbreviated name is equal to the name in the CAcert database is evaluated on a standard way by the Assurer and support system.
On abbreviation of given names
An example standard abbreviation on given names is provided here. If a given name is counted as first given name part of the name is denoted with parentheses around the name.
Example(s) of accepted abbreviation for a full name
sir J(ähnÿ) G. McName
drs. T. Fabrice Ghuege-Denis ~= drs. T. F. Ghuege-Denis
drs. T. Fabrice Ghuege-Denis ~= drs. T. F. Ghuege-Denis
drs. Teus F. Ghuege-Denis ~= drs. T(eus) F. Ghuege-Denis
Tänўs Iʼntèrnątiœñalîsàtïǿn Ĝügé ~= T(änўs) I. Ĝügé
About allowed transliterations
More than one transliteration of a character is possible. Accepted transliterations are done with a fully standardized table.
E.g. a and y umlaut, and o/slash examples of accepted transliterations for the full name(s):
Jähnÿ Gøle McName =~ J(ae|a)hny G(oe|o)le McName
Tänўs Iʼntèrnątiœñalîsàtïǿn Ĝügé ~= T(ae|a)nўs I'nternatioenalisatiǿn (Gh|G)(ue|u)ge
Exact full name on the ID
type of ID shown max 20
About the primar email address
email address as e.g. john.family@gmail.com
The email address should be similar as the CAcert account name.
Email address

Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd)

Applicant's Statement
Make sure you have read and agreed with the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA)
I hereby confirm that the information stating my Identity Information above is both true and correct, and request the CAcert Assurer (see below) to witness my identity in the CAcert Assurance Programme.
I agree to the CAcert Community Agreement. (CCA)

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Applicant's signature

Assurer's Statement
About reciprocal assurance
One is advised for a mutual assurance. If done so the exact full name, email address and date of birth of the Assurer is also required on a form. In this case the Assuree assures the Assurer as well. Two copies are then needed of the CAP form.
Assurer's Name
(optional)  Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd)
Assurer's email address (optional)
I, the Assurer, hereby confirm that I have verified the Applicant's Identity Information, I will witness the Applicant's identity in the CAcert Assurance Programme, and allocate Assurance Points.
I am a CAcert Community Member, have passed the Assurance Challenge, and have been assured with at least 100 Assurance Points.

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Assurer's signature
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How To Print this CAP form


How to print the form
Extra efforts have been made to print this form on one page.
The print setup options and the print options tab of the browser influence the printable area heavily and can be tuned. E.g. the use of a blank footer and header, and minimize the page margins.
  Local print of the CAP form

A printer ready pdf file with the form and attachments can be generated as follows:

landscape (2-up) portrait (1-up)
A4 A5 Letter legal paper format

Applicable Policy documents and information can be attached to the pdf output file. Mark those documents, which need to be attached to the pdf file:

CAcert Community Agreement

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