Review of Actions by CAcert Board, 2004.08.20 to 2007.05.25


  1. This record is NOT A FORMAL RECORD. It is the interpretation of the Advisory, having read archives of the board mailing list.
  2. Errors therefore are strictly those of the Advisory.
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  6. Review covers decisions voted on by board, and other actions initiated by members of Association. Requests for Super-assurer status are not covered, excepting the first (Brazil).
  7. Unusual events such as Motion Not Carried, Resignations or actions initiated by non-board members, are signalled in bold.
  8. Covers period: 2004.08.20 to 2007.05.25.
  9. Version 2007.06.01 of this review.
  10. 44 decisions, 10 other actions, 1 unclear.
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Meetings be held over Email

Originally raised 2004.08.23. Proposed J. Wren Hunt 2004.08.24

to hold list-email 'discussions' (not 'meetings' in the formal sense of the word) about various topics and at the end of the discussion have a 3-5 (or however long we decide) day period within which to vote, again on the list-email. This seems like we can still get all that needs to be done, done, and without having various members re-arrange schedules.

Aye: ML, DG, NR, Chris Martin, (WH).

Accepted, with 5 days voting.

Reverse Document Retention Policy

Originally raised by J. Wren Hunt 2004.08.23. Proposed Duane Groth 2004.08.25 Re-proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.04

to remove the requirement for assurers to retain copies of ID documents, there seems to be no legal or technical reasons to keep it, and both at the Usenix event and AUUG events people strongly objected to the point of not wanting to even sign with CAcert and I think it's more detriment then beneficial with the current requirements...

Aye: CM, WH (DG).

Email Addresses for Board Members

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.08.25

Third, email addresses, there has been no formal policy on who gets an email address or if/when they are later revoked and what format these appear as. Currently all emails were {firstname} Email forwards are still in existence for adam@ and christian at as I didn't want to cause any further problems in the past, these possibly should now be revoked. I saw in one of Mark's emails about board@, I'm guessing he meant to point it to this list.

Aye: CM, MA

Not apparently Carried?

Super-Assurance Status (Brazil)

Originally raised by Duane Groth 2004.08.25 Proposed Mark Lipscombe 2004.08.26

i. As a temporary measure, Evaldo Gardenali be assigned an additional 50 points (bringing him to a total of 200 points), for the next 14 days.

ii. Also as a temporary measure while we set a more formal policy, that we do not require him to keep copies of any ID. He would still need to keep the forms, as Duane previously mentioned.

Aye: DG, WH, CM, NR, MA
Chris Martin voted Aye to (i) and questioned (ii). No response to questioning.

Note, in the following, votes on Super-Assurance status are skipped.

Paying CAcert's Domains

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.01

to accept my offer to pay for CAcert's domains on my credit card for 1 year (we can deal with extensions later), I call a 2nd vote to compensate my costs from CAcert funds onces it's established the cost in Australian Dollars incurred by the renewal fees.

Aye: NR, ML, CM, (DG).

Minuted 2004.09.15 as cost AUD$44.55.

Transfer of Source Code

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.01

to transfer my copyright to CAcert with the exception that I'm allowed to retain any/all copies of my own work and have no restrictions on what I do with the code etc.

To make it legal under Australian law there will need to be money given to me, even if this is only $1.

Aye: NR, WH, ML, CM (DG).

Minuted 2004.09.15 as $1 transferred.

Distribute Source Code

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.10

to distribute the source code under a CAcert license (derived from the PGP license)

Aye: MA, CM, (DG).

Although carried, this was then apparently overturned in following decision.

Replace Source Code

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.10

While not 100% complete, the LibreSSL code base is a lot more featureful in a lot of areas that CAcert currently lacks, such as organisational areas and multilingual. At the very least the organisational information on certificates has been asked about a lot and would go a long way to getting increased acceptance within the enterprise, corporate and even the large US Uni's.

I call a vote to transfer between code bases as soon as humanly possible.

Aye: (DG)
Nay: ML
Abstain: most

Not carried, apparently.

Proposed Mark Lipscombe 2004.09.09

1. That the code known as "LibreSSL" be released forthwith under the modified PGP license originally proposed.

2. That we invite Duane to compose an email to this list detailing a migration plan for moving the existing CAcert site to the new code base. This migration plan should include:
* Timelines
* Disaster recovery plan
* Loss mitigation plan
* Testing and acceptance plan prior to launch
* Launch management
Once this plan is received, we should immediately vote on its acceptance.

3. That we maintain CAcert's existing code base as closed source, with a view to revisiting this question once the site has been migrated to the new code base.

Aye: MA, DG, ML, CM.

Carried. 3. apparently conflicts with earlier decision to distribute source code.

Plan to Migrate

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.10

Step 1. Publish code for peer review while there is no live data in the libressl database
Step 2. finish off current missing assurance features
Step 3. Import live data into the database once testing of non-live is complete
step 4. give notice of outage prior to changing between code bases, put up outage notice on the website
step 5. recovery plan - live backup cacert site/data
step 6. import live data into new database
step 7. profit!

Time scales on step1 should happen immediately as there is no risk.
step 2 should be completed and tested as soon as possible.
step 3 should be started about a week after step 2 is finished and tested throughly
steps 4 to 6 should occur more or less simutaniously and I'd suggest a week of testing with live data before migrating to hopefully catch all bugs...
step 7 will start to occur within a day of changing to the new code base...

Aye: ML, CM, MA, (DG)

Buy Low-Sec Server

Proposed Duane Groth 2004.09.12

There are a number applications such as wiki's, cvs servers, mailing list and just test development work that would be better housed by CAcert itself then relying on third party services.

Currently there is $3,230.58 in the bank account (once the last google cheque clears)...

A decent supermicro 1RU, with 2x120GB SATA hot swap drive bays, 512M ram, for about AU$1800 (can get an exact price in the morning)

I call a vote to approve the funding for a second server for CAcert.

Aye: WH, CM, MA, ML, (DG).

A second vote was called on prices, and carried.

Points Allocation for Assurance

Proposed Mark Lipscombe 2004.10.05

- Board members, for the duration of holding office, will be assigned 200 assurance points by following the procedures set forward for receiving at least 50 points. Regardless of the number of points held prior to holding office, at the conclusion of their holding office, they will have their assurance points reduced to 150.

- The board, may, at its pleasure, temporarily increase an individual's assurance points to that of a board member (200) for the duration of a special event, in special circumstances.
* This temporary increase must be time limited, and serve the greater good of CAcert.
* Except by special exception, to qualify for this increase, the person must have at least 100 points.
* At the conclusion of this time limited period, the assurer will generally revert to 150 points.

Outside of these exceptions, the standard point allocation and use policy currently on the CAcert website will apply:

50 points will get your name on Client Certificates
100 points will allow you to become an Assurer and issue 10 points
110 points will allow you to issue 15 points maximum
120 " " " " " " 20 " "
130 " " " " " " 25 " "
140 " " " " " " 30 " "
150 " " " " " " 35 points maximum

* You get up to 100 points by collecting assurances from other Assurers.
* You get from 100 to 150 points by making Assurances yourself. 1 Assurance = 2 Points.
* You get 150 points immediately via the TTP Program
* You may get up to 150 points immediately if you can prove your identity to CAcert and prove, that you are an Assurer in another recognized program, Contact Us to see if your current existing program you are in is suitable.

Aye: DG, CM, MA, NR
Nay: WH.


Counter-proposed J. Wren Hunt 2004.10.09

that we adopt Mark's resolution along with my amendment to allow Board Members to keep their 200 point values.

Aye: (WH)
Nay: DG, CM, ML, MA.

Not carried!

Assuring Companies

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.10.19:

that perhaps self-certifying might be the best option, if they don't want code signing certs then we felt any assurer with 50 points, and sending us a copy of their document of incorporation was enough, and 100 points if they wanted code signing. I don't think this isn't a long term solution, and it should be reviewed at a later date.

Aye: WH, CM, (DG).

Carried, as a short term policy only.

Super-Assurance Committee

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.10.26:

What if we have a 3 person sub-committee setup to evaluate and make decisions on points increases instead of requiring a board vote on every request, as time goes by and the number of assurers increase I think the number of requests will only increase (potentially exponentially) and notification of events could be given last minute and the 5 day period in this case might not be in the best interest of CAcert.

I think 1 of the positions should be a person on the board and the other 2 could be any members of the association.

Just to speed up decisions I also feel once 2 people vote for or against the motion should pass without needing the 3rd vote, and the person from the board holds the casting vote should there be a tie from a person abstaining to vote.

Aye: CM, (DG).
Nay: WH

Not carried, apparently.

Support Teus at Usenix

Proposed by Wren Hunt, 2004.10.31:

To: Treasurer

Teus will be attending LISA in Atlanta in November 14-19 and has asked
me to:

1). Print CAcert Assurance forms here in the U.S. and ship to his hotel
(evidently much cheaper here than in NL) and
2). Mail the remainder of the CAcert t-shirts (the ones we gave out at
USENIX) to him there as well.

I don't have price quotes on this stuff yet, but I'm guestimating U.S.
$30-$40 and want to put this out there and see if there are any problems
with me doing this before proceding.

Aye: MA, WH, DG, NR, CM

Minuted ($147.40) 2004.11.09

Advertise on Google

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.11.16:

to start advertising the CAcert site on google ads


to use google and buy ad space on other website to promote CAcert, using funds we get from the ads on our own website...

Aye: MA, WH, CM Abstain: NR.

Carried, although with no clear costing, as queried by NR.

Revoke Certs

Proposed by Wren Hunt, 2004.11.28:

for Duane to do an 'eyeball' audit/perusal of the database for any other occurences and notify and revoke all affected certs as per our "draft" working-copy CPS:

Aye: (WH)

Not carried, no votes.

South African Registrars

Proposed by Wren Hunt, 2004.11.16:

allowing these types of South African Registrars to our list of acceptable TTP notaries, etc:

"With regards to TTPs: in SA we have Commissioners of Oaths who are authorised to by Act No. 16 of 1963 to witness documents, authenticate documents and signatures, and witness oaths and affirmations. By recent ammendment to the above Act, all CAs are now CoOs. Under South African law, magistrates, a Registrar or an Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court, Commissioners of Oaths, Notaries Public and Justices of the Peace are legally recognised as people who can perform the tasks needed by you TTP authentication mechanisms. Would a CoO authentication be acceptable for verifying my documentation? We have two CoOs at Rhodes Universitym both of whom can verify both my government documents and my identity from other sources. "

Aye: DG, WH, CM

Limits on Points Growth

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.12.07:

to introduce both a monthly limit and a time limit on how fast people can increase their points which will then cause only those with scruples and interest to be bothered making assurences, while this isn't perfect either it would serverly limit the impact of the above situations...

The specific suggestion to give a person 5 points (and only 5 points) if they assured 2 or more people in the previous month, so no instant gratification, and limited damage if they do sign up fake users etc...

Aye: ML, WH, CM, (DG).

Notaries as Assurers

Proposed by Wren Hunt, 2004.12.07:

to allow a Public Notary to present their credentials and be granted CAcert assurer status (like TTP).

Aye: WH
Nay: DG
Abstain: NR

Not carried.

Renew Domain

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.12.28:

to keep this domain, the original owners were going to do something similar to CAcert but they never actually did anything with it. They did however manage to pimp the URL about a fair bit and we still get a number of hits because of it... (24 this month)...

Aye: MA, CM, (DG)

Super-Assurer requires 2 Board Only

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2005.01.02:

requiring only 2 board members to issue a temporary increase say aye.

Aye: CM, NR, (DG).

Purchase Safe

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.11.16:

Currently I'm filing all documents in a lockable filing cabinet, but there is starting to be too much documentation building up and we either need to file the documents else where, or we need to purchase a fire proof safe.

In the case of the fire proof safe it could double up as a repository for off-line backups as well, a 1 hour 1000 degree C safe will cost AU$313.

All those in favour of paying for a secretary service say aye
or, all those in favour of paying for safe say aye.


Not Carried, no votes cast.

Discontinue Low GPG

Proposed by Duane Groth, 2004.01.23:

I think it's imperative that we discontinue use of the current low gpg key and at some stage (it's been suggested anywhere from 1 month to 6 months) we revoke it.

At this stage I think the most pressing issue is that we stop using it to sign any further keys and also that we lower the points needed to get signed by the remaining key to 50 instead of 100 as is current. If we drop the points requirement I see no point in having 2 keys and having one would possibly make things less confusing for people.

So, all those in favour of not issuing any more sigs under the low trust key say aye.

Aye: CM, MA, (DG)
Abstain: WH

All those in favour of dropping the points requirement on the remaining key say aye.

Aye: CM, MA, (DG)
Nay: WH

Resignation of Chris Martin

Posted by Duane 2005.01.27 for Chris Martin:

I would like to formally resign from the role as Treasurer of CACert inc as I am unable to meet the time commitments currently. Chris Martin

Acceptance implicit in board by discussion.

Board Remunerations

Proposed by Mark Lipscombe, 2005.02.07:

that office bearing board members be paid a fee of $AUD150.00 per month, and non-office bearing board members (aka ordinary members), be paid $AUD50.00 per month. For Australian board members, this would be paid by direct credit to a bank account, and for non-Australian members, it would be paid by Paypal.

Aye: ML, WH, MA, NR, DG.

NR declined payment.


Proposed by Mark Lipscombe, 2005.02.07:

that CAcert fund Duane Groth, Mark Lipscombe and Wren Hunt to attend this event. This would involve the following maximum level of expense:

Aye: ML, WH, MA, NR, DG.


Proposed by Duane Groth / Calum Morrell 2005.04.30:

| I think it would be best for CAcert for it to have it's own postal
| address because at the moment since the address is my personal PO box if
| I go away for what ever reason no one else will be able to get access to
| the mail (unless it's redirected) and this isn't exactly the best
| situation for the association to be in.
| Currently there are some boxes available at the same post office mines
| with and because I don't use a main PO the cost is approx. AU$50 per
| year (compared to $100 to $150).

take on a PO Box for CAcert based on the information above from Duane.

Aye: MA, CM, DG, NR, ML.

Event Porto Alegre Evaldo Gardenali

Proposed by Matthew Asham 2005.05.11:

> Based on the above details, I submit to you a request for R$ 900.00 to help
> cover such expenses, preferably via Western Union, since its the least
> complicated way I can receive funds from abroad.

Aye: MA, CM. DG.

Minuted 2005.05.19 the value was sent.

AGM 2/3rd

Proposed by Duane 2005.05.14:

having the AGM on the weekend of the 2/3rd (July?)

Aye: CM, NR, MA.

Re-elect Calum Morrell

Proposed by Mathew Asham 2005.07.06:

| to re-elect Calum Morrell to the position of Ordinary Member?

Aye: MA, DG, RV, ML.

Pay for CAcert Domains

Proposed by Duane 2005.08.15: is up for renewal again, cost with the current provider is US$8.99 since the association still can't get a credit card I'm happy to pay for this on my credit card and transfer the funds afterwards.

All those in favour of retaining the above domains for 1 or more years

Aye: CM, MA, DG.

Renewed for 5 years. 2005.08.25.

Ohio Linux Festival

Proposed by Duane 2005.09.01:

Funding request to cover printing + table cost for the Ohio Linux
Table Fee: US$45
1500 Copies @ 10c/ea = US$150
Mugs = US$505
Total = US$700
a US$700 budget ...

Aye: CM, MA, DG.

New Members

Proposed by (non-member), 2004.10.24:

A couple of people want to become members of CAcert:

Nicholas Bebout
Alaric Dailey
Flavio Curti
Gregory Catalone
Guillaume Romagny
Nathan Frankish
Evaldo Gardenali
Michael Grigutsch
"Kurt Dillen"

2 votes are necessary per person (Nomination+Secondation)

Aye: MA, RV, ML, DG.

Mandate to approve is Rules 2(b)(ii). (Note that the voting did not carry all members equally.)


Election Robert Cruikshank to Treasurer / Board

Proposed by Duane 2005.11.17:

currently there is no one filling the treasury roles and apart from the public officer treasurer is the only role the really needs someone in Australia to handle as they need access to the bank account.

to appoint Robert Cruikshank as the new Treasurer.

Aye: RV, MA, DG.

An earlier vote failed.

ApacheCon 2005

Proposed by Duane 2005.11.30:

flights: US$600
hotel: US$387
total: US$987

Aye: ML, (DG).

Only two votes, no others! May have been Carried with modification by Mark Lipscombe:

to avoid any doubt, lets make it mandatory that who ever we're footing the bill for gives us a report on its success, and that we set some formal expectations on their involvement in return for us funding it.

SCALE 2006

Proposed by Duane 2006.01.24:

We've been offered a booth at SCALE,, so far I've only been able to find one volunteer in the LA area willing and able to help out for both days, and I've located another volunteer in Ohio willing to fly in and help out, he's currently storing the left over mugs so he can take a couple of boxes of those with him to hand out for a donation etc...

Price of an airfare: ~US$215
Room will be US$99/night + taxes (~US$112.95)
Printing/Misc costs: ~US$60

Total: ~US$500

Aye: ML, CM, RC, RV, (DG).

RC first action.

Renewal Post Office Box 2006

(Informally) Proposed by Duane 2006.03.01:

I just received a renewal notice for P.O. Box 81 that is registered to CAcert, it's $60 for the next 12 months, and about another $60 to have mail redirected for 12 months, I think it's important to do both, rather then constantly updating address details for CAcert.

The forwarding is needed because I no longer live close to the post office.

Alternatively we can get a different post box else where that is close to someone, although the price would be about the same.

Aye: RV, RC(?) (DG).

Not clearly called for nor carried?

Addition Evaldo to Core Team

Proposed by Robert Cruikshank 2006.04.13:

Some time ago, we did a TrustCheck with Evaldo Gardenali, which also contained the checks for the system-administrator role. He succeeded the TrustCheck back then, and helped a lot with handling and by setting up and doing the system administration for our testsystem.

... to add Evaldo Gardenali <> to the system administration team, ...

Aye: RV, (RC).
Nay: DG, CM, ML.
Abstain: TK.

Not Carried.

FISL Brazil

Proposed by Duane 2006.04.13:

Airfare: R$ 380
Hotel: R$ 230
Bus(1): R$ 130
Bus(2): R$ 60
Bus(3): R$ 40
Total: R$ 840

Aye: RC, ML, CM, (DG).

New Server

Proposed by Duane 2006.04.27:

Attached is a quote for a 1RU server, both AMD (tyan) and Intel (supermicro) came out at about the same price ($1930) for a 1 ru server, with dual sata hdd's, 512M of ecc ram, and a comparable CPU, AMD chip is 64bit is about the only advantage...

In any case this is either to replace the existing webserver so it can be used as the new key server, or this can be used for the key server, not sure that it really matter too much either way since both servers will never bottle neck...

... on purchasing a server, personally I'd go with the supermicro as I've had a lot of good experience with them, but the tyan is 64bit if that matters...

Aye: RC, CM, RV, (DG).


Proposed by Duane 2006.06.29:

Russ who previously represented CAcert at SCALE last year has pointed out cluecon which seems to be ideal in reaching new audiences for CAcert. It's also telephony related it was suggested it could be a joint promotion between and CAcert and split the costs, so the conference will only cost CAcert $300 to send him there.

Aye: CM, MA, RC, (DG).

Privacy Policy

Proposed by (non-member) 2006.06.29:

Privacy Policy
This policy discloses what information we gather about you when you visit any of our Web site, and when you issue or use our certificates. It describes how we use that information and how you can control it.

Aye: RC, MA.

Probably carried, but only on 2/3 rule.

Vote on Liability

Proposed by Duane 2006.09.29:

> I want to remind you about the deadline.
> We have 3 days now, before CAcert will be "dead"!

Aye: CM, MA, [DG].

Resignation of MA not as yet accepted by board (CM), and therefore MA's vote accepted.

Unfortunately, the record does not show what the motion was. It seems somewhat the case that proposals made by Evaldo Gardenali 2008.09.28 was in mind of the members:


But board specifically did not refer to that motion in the vote, nor is EG a member.

Conclusion: No motion was carried.

Resignation of Matthew Asham

Posted by MA 2006.09.28:

Attached, please find my letter of resignation. I am no longer able to commit time to the organization.

No acceptance by board, and next vote was accepted.

Move to Netherlands

Proposed by Duane 2006.11.23:

I can't say I'm entirely happy with this, but we need to get moving *now* .. so I'm proposing that we vote to accept Philipp's document. All those in favour say aye.

I am of course an aye.

Philipp Guhring wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is our proposal for moving the systems of CAcert to the Netherlands.

Aye: CM, DG.

Minuted 2006.11.30:

Duane wrote:
> Ok, the board accepted the proposal, and authorised a SWIFT transfer to
> NLnet.

Can we get the version that the board accepted, and the minutes of the meeting that accepted that proposal, posted somewhere for reference?

Take Advertising

Proposed by Duane around 2006.11.30:

Duane wrote:
> > We have been approached to add up to 20 simple html links below the
> > translation menu on the front page of our website, each link we will
> > receive approx US$50 per link per month paid in advance, for a total of
> > $1000 per month.
> >
> > We do not need to remove the google ads, and the advertisers pay for at
> > least 6 months in advanced so it's basically our income would be approx.
> > $1500/mo from advertising, and as our page rank increases our income
> > would also increase.
> >
> > We have the right to refuse any advertisers, and Philipp has checked
> > into the company and they seem legitimate.
> >
> > The advertiser also setup the links on and gave this
> > URL as an example. Look on the right hand side under Recommended.

Aye: CM, TK, (DG).

Resignation of Mark Lipscombe Groth

Posted by Mark 2006.12.17:

Effective immediately, I hereby resign from the position of Vice President, and from the board of CAcert, Inc.

No acceptance by board.

Auditor instructs no deals

Auditor asserts 2007.02.26:

I have already instructed (in a past discussion concerning Eddy at Startcom) that no new deals and partnerships of any form be conducted. That instruction still holds. CAcert is not in a position to undertake any deals because of its lack of management and oversight. Mozilla has been advised informally that the request for browser addition is to be put "on hold."

Not a board decision, but an Audit Directive. Re-affirmed 2007.02.27.

Resignation of Duane Groth

Posted by Duane 2007.03.26:

So with that in mind I am not going to nominate for a board position at the next AGM, and in fact this is my resignation notice as well, as I don't have the time or inclination to be involved any longer in any capacity.

No acceptance by board. On this action, it is believed that the board has falled below the necessary 3 members needed to form a meeting.

(Advisory) Robert Cruikshank to stand in as Public Officer

Proposed by (non-member Advisory) 2007.04.07:

we advise, and ask the membership to support, that

Robert Cruikshank take on the role of
"Public Officer" ad interim, and act as the
formal contact with the OFT, up to the
next SGM.

and we request, and ask the membership to require, that

Duane Groth hand over all necessary aids
and informations to Robert Cruikshank to
help that process.
(There is no doubt that Duane will do so.)

Seconded: Nicholas E. Bebout. Not a board decision but a 'plea' to membership.

Call for SGM by members

Called by Guillaume Romagny 2007.04.22:

I, Guillaume Romagny, member of CAcert Inc. ask CAcert board (secretary) to call a CAcert Inc. SGM at 25th of May 2007. Purposes, resolutions, proposed agenda and procedures recommendations are published here:

This pdf file included in this X509 signed email has an MD5 check sum: 67e22227131c3be2ba991415f80a912e SGMcall-2007.04.20.pdf

This call is secunded by Teus Hagen, Evaldo Gardenali, Robert Cruikshank, and Guillaume Romagny. All CAcert Inc. members. See their signed emails.

Seconded: Teus Hagen, Evaldo Gardenali, Robert Cruikshank, Gary Lee Adams.
Called by members of Association.

Announced by Robert Cruikshank 2007.05.05:

Therefore, I Robert Cruikshank, being member of the Committee, and acting for the secretary, and pursuant to 27(4), do hereby

*call an SGM for 25th May 2007*.

Date: *25.05.2007*
Location: *IRC channel* ircs://
Time: *21.00 UCT* refer to this URL for your local time

The purpose of the SGM is to elect a new board, as per 25(2)(c). This is a new minimal Committee for the intermediate period up to the AGM in November, as is described in full .

Nominations for Committee at SGM

Nominated by Teus Hagen 2007.04.26:

I, Teus Hagen, member of CAcert Inc., nominate the following persons for board elections at CAcert Inc. Special General Meeting at 25th of May 2007:

Robert Cruikshank, currently treasurer of CAcert Inc., to be reelected for Office Bearer and to be elected as Public Officer. Robert has been on the board from an early start of CAcert Inc., is resident at NSW Australia, and is fully suited for this function. Robert is member of the association.

Evaldo Gardenali, has been involved even on system administrative level with CAcert for quite some time. Evaldo is member of the association.

Greg Rose, has been involved with encryption science and technology, open source and unix/linux system administration for a very very long time. He has been involved with CAcert assurances and stimulation of dissemination of free cert web-of-trust for more as 2 years. Greg has applied and is nominated for CAcert Inc. membership.

Seconded by Nicholas E. Bebout, Robert Cruikshank, Parag Mehta, Gary Lee Adams, Evaldo Gardenali. Called by members of Association.

Resignation of Tina Kubota

Resigned Tina Kubota 2007.05.22:

As of today I am resigning from CAcert as a board member..

No acceptance.

Resignation of Calum Morrell

Resigned Calum Morrel 2007.05.22:

With the SGM approaching, I am officially tendering my resignation to the current and upcoming board of CACert Inc. with immediate effect.

No acceptance (although asked for). (It was understood that CM had already resigned.)

Special General Meeting

Although not recorded in Maillist archives, the SGM occurred 25th May as expected. Agenda from Resolutions from :

  1. Accept intermediate financial status report by the treasurer;
  2. Accept pending nominations for new members as received before 20th of May 2007;
  3. Accept resignation of the board of CAcert Inc.;
  4. Elect a minimum of 3 persons to the Committee (board) ad interim up to next AGM with the following mandates:

    a) financial operations (bank accounts, payment arrangements), bookkeeping and report,
    b) decision taking for member nominations,
    c) sub-committee instalments, e.g. Technical sub-committee, Advisory,
    d) preparation of AGM and all actions needed for this meeting,
    e) safeguarding decisions for continuity of existing association services,
    f) co-opting (no voting rights) of members to the board as prospects for board elections on next AGM.
    g) Necessary arrangements with NSW Office of Fair Trade;
  5. Elect Robert Cruikshank as Public Officer (Robert is NSW residential).

Carried by members.

In addition, following resolution was proposed by Evaldo Gardineli:

to elect Evaldo Gardenali, Robert Cruikshank, Greg Rose for board members, and their offices being discussed and published in a week after this meeting.

Carried by members.